Welcome to the investigation and guidance of the deputy mayor of Pinghu City
作者:嘉兴威伏半导体有限公司 2021-06-01

On the afternoon of March 22, Chen Qunwei, Deputy Mayor of Pinghu City, and his entourage came to our company for research and guidance. Fu Zhijian, Deputy Director of Pinghu City Office, Lu Danen, Deputy Director of Economic Development Zone, and Zhang Weizhong, Section Chief of Economic Development Zone, accompanied the company. General Manager Xu Sijiu represented the company. Warm reception.

Chen Qunwei and his party first visited and investigated the first-line production workshops to learn more about the company's test production process, technical team building, product market positioning, etc., and inquired about the current difficulties.

Subsequently, a symposium was held in the company. At the meeting, Xu Sijiu reported on the current development status of the company and future development plans.


Chen Qunwei affirmed the good momentum of enterprise development, and at the same time required to maintain a sense of urgency, continue to accelerate the pace of technological innovation, continuously improve the core competitiveness, open a new chapter in development, and promote development in all aspects of Pinghu.