FT  test

探测环境.png  Test environment: CLASS 1000

测试机.png  Testing machine: Chroma, ACCOTEST, Taiwan Telecom, Singapore STT, Macrotest, Shaoxing Hongbang, etc.

分选机.png  Sorting machine: gravity type, turret type, translation type

温度范围.png  Temperature range: -45°,  +135°

支持分装类型.png  Support sub-package types: SOP, DFN/QFN, LQFP, DIP, SSOP, TSSOP, MSOP, TO92/94, etc.

特殊规格.png  Special specifications: support special packages such as radio frequency, sensors and modules

测试产品.png  Test products: digital, analog, digital-analog hybrid, radio frequency, high-speed interface, MCU, storage, mems, etc.


▍  Service Introduction



▍  Technical advantages

◆ Weifu has technology research and development capabilities with completely independent intellectual property rights, from hardware tooling (needle card, LB) design and production, to pattern vector automatic generation software system writing and debugging, to mass production data maintenance optimization and server transmission, Weifu Provide customers with one-stop solutions and services.

◆ In the field of semiconductor wafer testing, especially in the high-capacity memory and high-end SOC market segments, Weifu has filled a number of domestic industry gaps through years of independent research and development, and broke the monopoly of foreign companies in this field.

 In the field of analog products and digital-analog hybrid products, in the CP and FT links, it has complete and reliable development capabilities for mass production.

▍  Horizontal value-added services

◆ Test plan development + CP wafer level + FT finished product level one-stop test solution

◆ Grinding + reliability test solution

◆ MCU professional test solution

◆ Pure Flash ultra-high professional test solution

◆ TOF professional test solution

◆ Professional test solutions for analog devices