Company Profile

Jiaxing Weifu Semiconductor Co., Ltd., referred to as "Wefu", was established in February 2017. Committed to the field of advanced testing of semiconductor integrated circuits and advanced services in the related industry chain, Weifu is striving to become a first-class competitive enterprise in the industry. Weifu has two R&D centers and mass production centers in Jiaxing/Shanghai, providing customers with one-stop development and verification, wafer testing, finished product testing, reliability testing, and grinding and picking.

Weifu's original team originated from the national "909 project" Hua Hong NEC engineering team, and has many years of industry experience in the field of semiconductor integrated circuits. At the same time, it has proved the team's ability in the core positions of well-known IC listed companies at home and abroad. In the field of integrated circuits such as memory, SOC and Sensor, the WAV team has advanced domestic testing solutions and complete industrial chain service capabilities.

With the rapid development of China's semiconductor industry, Weifu will give full play to the advantages of its own professional team and expand into the integrated circuit service industry chain starting from wafer testing.

Weifu's core competitiveness is:

(1) Test program development capabilities based on the full range of ATE platforms.

(2) Customized test solutions for mainstream eFlash process platform.

(3) Trimming algorithm based on the failure model library of mainstream wafer manufacturing process nodes.

(4) The domestic leading technology with the highest 1024 Site simultaneous test.

(5) Provide customers with early-stage R&D services, reserve and accumulate key technologies for new processes, new IP, and new products.

(6) Independent research and development of MES intelligent AI production management system based on Industry 4.0.

​Vive's test customer products are mainly divided into MCU, MEMORY, SENCER, PMU, SOC, etc. The application fields of customer chips cover all walks of life. For example: toys, industrial control, power management, mobile phone wireless communication, tablet, smart home appliances, automotive electronics, aerospace, etc. Weifu also gathers professional management talents and teams from major international semiconductor manufacturers to provide customers with efficient service and quality assurance, and to respond to the challenges and opportunities of industry changes at any time.