Leaders of Jiaxing City at all levels come to our company to visit and guide
Author:Jiaxing Weifu Semiconductor Co., Ltd. 2021-06-01

On the morning of March 5th, the county (city, district) committees, economic and technological development zones, and port organizations, deputy heads of management, heads of talent departments, main persons in charge of pilot units for the establishment of the municipal characteristic industrial engineer collaborative innovation center, and various Representatives of pilot units came to guide our company-Jiaxing Weifu Semiconductor Co., Ltd.


City leaders at all levels, accompanied by the company's general manager Xu Sijiu, went to the production site to introduce the work development and gave an in-depth introduction to the company's production and business scope, equipment and equipment. Through on-site inspections, city leaders have a more intuitive and comprehensive understanding of the actual situation of the company.


The city leaders had a detailed understanding of the current talent recruitment, technical support and difficulties encountered, and fully affirmed them.


We will make good use of the platform carrier of the Innovation Center, carry out in-depth cooperation in the fields of engineer’s entrusted recruitment, technology sharing, learning and further study, make full use of the center’s platform advantages and prestigious school resources, and empower our Weifu development. China Semiconductor will make an early breakthrough and contribute its own strength.