Go deep into the enterprise and promote school-enterprise cooperation
Author:Jiaxing Weifu Semiconductor Co., Ltd. 2021-06-01

In order to carry out in-depth school-enterprise cooperation, promote the integration of production and education, and implement the goal of professional docking industry. On the afternoon of April 2nd, the teacher from Zhejiang Pinghu Technician College led the students of electrical class 1161 to visit and learn.


Chairman Zhu Qiliang led the teachers and students to visit the production workshop first, observe the work process and advanced equipment at close range, and learn about the production operation of the company.


Subsequently, the school and enterprise both communicated further in the meeting on the company's overview, operation mode and future development plans in the industry. During the meeting, the two sides cooperated with each other in a sincere and pragmatic spirit of cooperation and realized a strong alliance.


This visit and study has laid a good foundation for future school-enterprise cooperation in running schools and students’ graduation internships. It has not only built a good learning platform, but also strengthened students’ understanding of the importance of combining theoretical knowledge with work and practice. This improves the communication and exchanges between the school and the enterprise, and also delivers more outstanding talents for the enterprise, thereby promoting the win-win situation between the school and the enterprise.