Welcome the leaders of Pinghu Technician College to visit our company
Author:Jiaxing Weifu Semiconductor Co., Ltd. 2021-06-01

In order to carry out in-depth school-enterprise cooperation, promote the integration of production and education, and implement the goal of professional docking industry. This morning, Dean Gong Yueming, President Shen Jianlin, Director Wang Qian, Director Mao Yafeng of Zhejiang Pinghu Technician College came to visit and investigate Jiaxing Weifu Semiconductor.


Chairman Zhu Qiliang led Gong Yueming and his party to visit the workshop and explained the company's existing machinery and equipment in detail, and explained the company's operating status.

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Subsequently, the school and enterprise both communicated further in the meeting on the company's overview, operation mode and future development plans in the industry. During the meeting, the two sides cooperated with each other in a sincere and pragmatic spirit of cooperation and realized a strong alliance.


This research activity is of far-reaching significance for deepening the early cooperation between the two parties, better realizing the zero-distance docking between enterprises and universities, and laying a good foundation for the company to expand cooperation with universities and other institutions in the next step.